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By | May 29, 2022

Each week, we feature dozens of Central Illinois children’s thoughts and drawings on various topics. Have a suggestion? email your drawings and topic responses to [email protected]; include your student’s name, grade level and school (or if the student is home-schooled). Flying Horse appears online in print every Sunday.

July 4: The Fourth of July is celebrated because of the independence of the United States. I like to celebrate with fireworks and sprinklers. My whole family celebrates at one of my uncle’s house each year.

Madelyn Castaneda Sanchez

Playing outside: I like playing outside because it snows. It is also hot out and I like it. It is also fun to play with my friends and my dog.

Ice cream: I like ice cream because there is a flavor that was cotton candy. The type of flavor that I really like is strawberry and blueberry. I also like camping in my backyard. We have a blue tent and we bring out a tiny TV.

Reading: I love reading! My favorite book is “Kaleidoscope” by Brian Selznick. It is about as thick as these primary lines, so yeah.

Nothing greater than being a gator: Grove is my home. It’s this place where we all can love each other. The staffs and the students; we all make this place better. I’m thankful that we have each other and we’re together forever. When I leave I will never forget this place. Thank you to the staff and the students for making this place awesome.

Renewable resources: Water, sun and wind are all renewable. All living things need renewable resources to survive. Oil, coal and natural gas are examples of nonrenewable. Once those resources go away, we will never get them back.

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What I learned: We have learned about nonrenewable and renewable resources. Nonrenewable means once it is gone, we will not get it back. Some examples are oil and coal. Renewable means we will always have the resources, and will get more. Some examples of renewable sources are light, wind and water. 

Family: Family is very important. You can have a mom or a dad, and dogs. If you don’t have a mom or dad you might have a grandma or papa. And a big sister or a big brother or a stepmom or dad!

Leah Marlene: When I grow up, I want to be a music teacher! I love to sing. I want to be Leah Marlene someday. She went to Prairieland too! She was in my classroom. She sang my favorite song.

Sushi: In my opinion sushi is super delicious! It originated from the country of Japan. There can be different kinds of sushi. Sushi can have different fillings like crab, cucumbers and guacamole. Some sushi is wrapped with kelp. You can dip sushi in sauces. The main sauces colors are yellow and brown. Do you think you like sushi sauces? 

Summertime: I like summertime. I get to go to day camp and swimming and do baseball practice and go see family and friends. Oh, don’t you worry. I’ll fit some screen time into that. If there’s one thing I like about summer, it’s that there’s no school. I like summertime, do you? 

Animals that I love: My favorite animals are cats, dogs, baby snakes, dolphins, fish, axolotl, pigs, goats, horses and bears. I like them because they are cute. My sister loves all the animals. I do not love snakes.

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Doughnuts: I like doughnuts because they are sweet and good. A strawberry doughnut is the best one. My mom likes doughnuts too. My mom likes to chocolate doughnuts and my brother likes the glazed doughnuts. I like the unicorn doughnut. I love doughnuts.

Movies: I actually don’t have a favorite movie but I think all the movies are great and fun. You and your family can enjoy watching movies. My favorite type of movie is humor.

Joselyn V. Gregorio-Pineda

My dog: My dog is named Sadie. She is a Labradoodle. She likes going on walks. She loves going under blankets.

Flying Horse: I love Flying Horse! It’s really fun to get in. I love to do writings and pictures in Flying Horse. I really, really like Flying Horse.

Big family: My family is big, I have 18. I have five uncles and aunts. I have five grandmas. I have three brothers. I have four grandpas. I am so lucky.

Two sources: There are two types of sources, renewable and non-renewable. We need renewable sources to live. Some examples are water, wind and light. We will always have renewable sources. Nonrenewable resources mean we will not have them forever. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever. Some examples of nonrenewables sources are coal and oil. 

Guitars: Guitars are great to play. Guitars make great music. I want to be a musician.

All about movies: Let me tell you about movies. Some movies are drawn by a person; that’s called animation. Other movies have people dress up; that’s called live action. The average movie takes two to three years to make. Do you think movies could pop out of a screen?

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Roblox: Have you played Roblox? In my opinion, Roblox is the best game in the world! First, you can play by yourself or with buddies. Next, you can play on any device like a phone, tablet, Xbox or computer. Also, you can join different types of special games. Last, you can buy stuff with Roblox and you can buy items for you avatar. Play some Roblox today.

Third grade: My favorite part of third grade was Chick It Out. It was awesome! We had nine chicks hatch in our room and 27 in the whole third grade. We got to hold the chicks and let them run around our table’s legs. It takes about 21 days for a chick to hatch. We had them for about four weeks. 

Sea turtles: Sea turtles have a hard bite. Sea turtles can’t move their head and flippers. Sea turtles are old as dinosaurs. Sea turtles are endangered. Sea turtles eat meat, eggs and others. Try to take it from me.

Baby Yoda: Baby Yoda is so cute and from “Star Wars.” Baby Yoda has the Force too. The Mandalorian loves Baby Yoda.