10 best Roblox games for kids below 18

By | May 20, 2022

Over 67% of the Roblox users are below 18. The colors, types of storylines, types of narration and characters are carefully imagined to meet the needs of this huge population. This article dives into some games meant for kids. Parents can also rest easy as these games are mostly child-friendly.

Roblox is an outstanding demonstration of a prominent online game. Parents may still be concerned about which Roblox games are appropriate for their child, which is fairly understandable. As mentioned before, Roblox is normally appropriate for kids, but people can take extra steps and install extra security measures, like parental controls, to keep an eye on what their children are doing.

Roblox games for kids below 18 with safety tips

10) Super Hero Tycoon


If Marvel movies have influenced a child, parents should expose them to Super Hero Tycoon. Roblox players can buy a variety of well-known superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes to combat other superheroes in the game. It is worth playing more than once because defeating other players earns players additional in-game currency, which they can use to unlock more heroes.

9) Super Golf!


Players fight to get golf balls into the hole in the fewest number of moves in this engaging multiplayer game. Play against other players on various fun courses, earn unique awards, customize the ball, and try to be the best.

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Roblox Super Golf games often last 30 minutes. Playing rounds earns money that can be used to buy ball skins and effects. Trying to obtain gems will result in buying offers.

8) Driving Simulator


Players can travel around a vast planet in the car in this game! Own the ideal automobile from a collection of renowned supercars worldwide. Players can either drive around the city at their leisure or gather in groups across the area for some dynamic racing.

Anyone can earn in-game currency by playing the game, which can be spent to modify the automobile or buy new ones. Trying to buy overpriced accessories or automobiles can result in purchase offers.

7) Hide and Seek Extreme


Hide and seek is undoubtedly one of, if not the most popular, outdoor children’s games. Hide and seek extreme is a fantastic game created by Tim 7775.

When a new round begins, the game chooses a random map and a random “seeker.” All players, both hiders and seekers, will start in the same location on the randomly picked map.

The hiders will have the opportunity to choose a suitable hiding site while the seeker is immobilized for a short period. However, they will be able to watch the hiders’ activities.

6) Expedition Antarctica


Join a group of pals or tackle it alone on an epic winter journey across Antarctica to the South Pole. Since checkpoints are about an hour apart, this hobby is more complicated. Five hours of playtime is estimated.

There are three different themed basecamps and obby sets. The plot is intriguing, and the map is expansive and realistic. Players will dress up in their adventure attire and must be careful with food, water, and their health.


5) Meep City


Welcome to Meep City, the ideal spot to hang out with buddies. It’s just a huge social gathering place. Fishing and customizing your own home are two popular activities. Players can buy one in the Pet Shop, which also sells fish they have caught. Other products available in the shop include Meep toys and fishing rods. There is also a furniture store where players may get house furnishings.

4) Jailbreak


In some ways, Jailbreak is GTA for kids. Players must choose whether they wish to be on the team of thieves or the police in the open-world policemen and thieves game. Since the only way to win is with companions, the game will teach collaboration and organization. While there is some aggression in the game, it is not explicit that it would concern parents.

3) Royale High


In this high-school-themed game, players can play with their friends. Royale High is a game where the school meets mystical creatures like mermaids and fairies. Attend a variety of high school events and explore many realms. Overall, this is a good engaging game for the socially awkward kids.

2) Impostor


Perform the chores as an innocent crew member in this Roblox game! Find out who’s up to no good with their detective abilities! Become an impostor and kill the crew members with lying and trickery.

Each round lasts about 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of players. Even if a crewmate dies, they are still responsible for performing their job and assisting their team in winning. Purchases of skins, pets, and other items will lead to better offers.

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1) Adopt Me!


Adopt Me! takes pride in being called the most popular game on Roblox. The universe of Adopt Me!, which has received over 14.5 billion visitors, allows players to decorate homes and care for various pets.

Players get paid virtual money by completing objectives in these activities, allowing them to buy more décor and pets. Any child would be fascinated by this relentless cycle.