Syphon Filter PS5 PS4 Platinum Trophy Coming With PS Plus Premium

By | May 20, 2022

When the list of games was announced for the upcoming PS Plus Premium tier, Sony mentioned that these games would be coming with new features. One of those features that weren’t mentioned at the time was trophies. However, Bend Studio has confirmed Syphon Filter will not only have a trophy list but will even come with a Platinum Trophy when it is released in the new Playstation Plus service in June.

Syphon Filter trophies could prove challenging

Bend Studio confirmed Syphon Filter will have a Platinum Trophy called “Excellent work, Agent!” when it is released as part of PS Plus. There were few hints as to the rest of the list, although they also showed a silver trophy called “An Explosive Start” with the sound of an explosion in the background. We’re assuming this is for completing the game’s opening mission. Fans of the game are hoping for trophies that are more challenging, including one for completing a mission using just the taser. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what the trophy list will involve.

Other games confirmed to be coming to PS Plus Premium are Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf , I.Q. Intelligent Qube, Jumping Flash!, Super Stardust Portable, Mr. Driller, Tekkens 2, Worms World Party, and Worms Armageddon. Many are now hoping for these classic games to support trophy lists too, but it’s unknown whether a trophy list will be a requirement for classic games that are added to PS Plus. We do know many will come with improved frame rates and higher quality resolution, while some will have a new user interface that will allow players to save their progress and rewind the game.

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In other news, Today’s Battlefield 2042 update has removed 128 player Breakthrough mode from the All-Out Warfare playlist as DICE didn’t feel like it was a good fit for that many players. Elsewhere, the Xbox Series S managed to outsell the PS5 in Japan last week.