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Pablo Baeza

Born in Santiago, Chile and raised in Maryland, Pablo is now a rising senior at Pitzer College in Claremont, California studying Urban Studies and English. Pablo has traveled extensively through the United States and Canada, visiting places ranging from small-town Maine to a volunteer-run hostel in Detroit, from a mountain campground behind El Paso to a diner in rural British Columbia, from the Black Hills of South Dakota to a sustainable community living space in Chicago. Pablo has also lived in Brooklyn, New York, where he attended art school for a year and studied creative writing, Corvallis, Oregon, where he spent time with friends working on a university bike co-op, and Hartford, Connecticut, where he was part of a coalition of youth and community members working to establish a community garden on vacant lots in a low-income neighborhood of the city. Having done most of his travels via car and bus travel, and having become well-acquainted with the U.S.’s love of the road, Pablo is interested in Ride For The Future as a way to learn more about the human and environmental consequences of the nation’s love affair with the automobile and to spend a summer experiencing long-distance travel in a distinctly more sustainable mode of transportation.