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Ben Trolio

Ben Trolio is a third year student at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Environmental Conservation Studies. He spent his childhood and teenage years in upstate New York where he first developed his love for the outdoors.  Running through woods of his hometown inspires him to fight for climate change solutions. Outside of his work as a community organizer, he enjoys meditating and trying out new food recipes. Random fact: He hates cellphones.

Ben set a goal of raising $1,000 to support the work of Better Future Project. His supporters include:

Fiona Gettinger
Nikki Annis
Professor John Carroll
Sarah McGraw
Colleen Myer
The Hayes Family
Schmid Family
Chip Button
Joanne Coons
Dennis Bouchard
Mr. Wilson
Joe Stenard
Ernest and Mickey Trolio
Kathy Schwint
Peter Sawyer
Kate Hanson
Anthony Romeo
Nancy Radigan
Mark Trolio
Eileen Frasier
Peter and Margaret Trolio
Derek Dupuis
John and Jan Kinney
Judy and Selwin Harlow
Lori Zwicker
Durham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Bill Ross
Thomas and Donna Pistole
Michael O’Sullivan
Rachel and Sarge Legard
Dorothy Oliver

(and others who preferred to remain private)