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Meeting with Exxon Mobile

Asking Exxon Mobile to discuss a better future

2012 Team

Despite a 1200 mile bike ride, 15 phone calls and obliging their every requirement for a meeting, ExxonMobil backed out of their commitment to meet with Ride for the Future.

Every step of the way, we were willing to compromise with them to make the meeting a reality.

  1. They demanded that we not make the event a publicity stunt.
    Our response was to not contact media despite our desire to get our message out there.
  2. They demanded that we only bring four riders.
    We agreed to bring leave behind six riders who had sweated out 1200 miles out of the meeting if it meant getting our foot through the door.
  3. They demanded that we not meet at their office.
    We agreed to meet on their terms and at their location.
  4. They demanded that we not record the meeting.
    Despite cooperating to the fullest extent possible, Exxon bailed at the last second, citing our connections with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade as their excuse. We find this unacceptable.

Although ExxonMobil refused to meet with us, we figured that we would show up anyway to see if they’ll change their minds. So on Monday, July 23rd at 10am, we arrived at St. Bernard’s Sporting Goods, 3120 Commonwealth Drive in Dallas and hosted a small press conference.

From there we will hold a silent march with our bicycles to the ExxonMobil office at 3000 Pegasaus Park Drive.  Upon arrival, we will ask for a meeting with ExxonMobil.  The original four riders slated to meet with them will request a meeting. Meanwhile, the other riders will take turns talking about why they wanted a meeting with ExxonMobil.  Members in the audience will have an opportunity to share thoughts.

Here’s the voicemail they left for us: