Our Philosophy

Our consumption of fossil fuels has helped humanity in countless ways and saved countless lives. Fossil fuels heat our buildings, power our hospitals, and every day carry our children to school and our workers to their jobs and back home. But they also have deep costs that are not reflected in their price – pollution that leads to sickness and death, the oppression of human rights in dictatorships that thrive on oil money, corrupting democracies, and perhaps most worryingly, fundamentally altering our weather systems in ways that will make it harder for our farmers to grow enough food to feed the people on our planet.

We need to responsibly transition to benign forms of energy that do not require casualties. ¬†Because fossil fuel companies have shown an ability to shape our government’s policy decisions, we are appealing directly to the fossil fuel companies to help the Gulf Coast communities that are most harmed by their activities and invest in the necessary transition to a safer, healthier, and more just world.